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THE EXAM HALL: HKDSE English Mock Exam 2015


Are your students prepared for success on their HKDSE English examination? EL offers “The Exam Hall”, a mock exam carefully designed to enable students to achieve their best possible results through simulating real life exam setting and post-exam review. Two features mark our mock exam unique:
 -  Papers 1 - 4 designed with the support of a computer programme which matches student proficiency levels
 -  Post-exam review with debriefing session and expert grading to consolidating their learning experience



Target students: S.5 and S.6 students

Fee:     Paper 1 – 4:     $580 (4 Papers)

            Paper 2 and 4: $380 (2 Papers)

Debriefing Session of Paper Analysis:  $150


Debriefing Session

-  In-depth analysis of student performance
-  Discussion of common mistakes
-  Comparative approach enabling students to learn from peers
-  Instant feedback on questions
-  Exclusive evidence-based tips and strategies


Expert Grading of Student Individual Report
-  Scores benchmarked against average of the entire sample
-  Report breaks down grading of each paper
-  Analysis breaks down scores into individual skill sets
-  In-depth comments for Paper 2
-  Strategic suggestions for further action


For more information, please contact us at or 3998-4642.


For school enrollment of 20 students, Debriefing Session and School Report with statistical analysis for FREE!


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