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Career Guidance and Life Planning Education Programme

- "Next Stop: Promotion"


In the 2014 Policy Address, the government announced measures to unleash Hong Kong youth’s potential by strengthening life planning, EL Education offers “Next Stop: Promotion”, a series of workshops that would enable students to become masters of their own destiny. The Next Stop: Promotion series is carefully designed to enable students to preview their future careers through interactive and stimulating activities.


Next Stop: Promotion is divided into 4 workshops, covering all aspects of life and career planning.


•  Workshop 1: Job Hunter. In this workshop, students learn about the job hunting process and come to a better understanding of how to distinguish themselves from other candidates during the interview process.


•  Workshop 2: Virtual Professionals. In this workshop, students try out simulated lives of professionals in our renowned experiential activities. In the course of three hours, students experience what it is like to be a professional – to work under pressure, to solve internal problems and to face clients and customers.


•  Workshop 3: Career Navigator. In this workshop, students learn to map out the different kinds of career path their education may lead them to. Students come to understand the different industries in Hong Kong and related job opportunities. Students also learn how to maintain competitive edge throughout their career.


•  Workshop 4: The Teleporter. In this workshop, students visit different workplaces and gain firsthand experience of actual workplaces. Students come to realize that most workplaces are more complex than they think, and that there are very interesting job types despite a seemingly boring workplace.


Each workshop has six 3-hour sessions; schools may choose any session that are suitable for the needs of individual classes of students. By the end of the course, students will:


•  Have a comprehensive idea of what the future workplace is like;

•  Develop awareness and skills to apply for jobs; and

•  Develop a vision of a career and understand how to turn their vision into reality.


For more information, please contact us at or 3998-4642.


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