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Reading Pilot Programme



The “Reading Pilot” programme aims to raise students’ interests in reading in English through interactive, creative and customisable English reading activities. The programme will be customised to suit the abilities and needs of each participant. Students are encouraged to keep a reading log and develop a habit of reading picture books. At the end of the course, students are encouraged to tell their own stories through story telling performance.


The programme is not only introduced to primary schools, but also jointly organized with Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (


Target Participants

P1 – P6 local primary school students


Learning Cycle for Each Book

In the programme, a student will visit a book in two lessons. In each lesson, specific segments are designed to help students with reading the book in a creative and engaging manner. These activities are arranged in a learning cycle, as shown below:


For more information, please contact us at or 3998-4642.

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