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About EL Education

EL Education, (“EL”, formerly known as EL 2100) directed by Mr. Chong Chan-yau, is one of the leading educational service providers in Hong Kong. The mission of EL is to contribute new ideas, effective programmes and professional services so that learning will be innovative, enabling and inspiring for both students and teachers.






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HKDSE Academic English 

- “Next Stop: University”


“Next Stop: University” is a HKDSE academic English 

programme catered for junior and senior secondary school students. By joining this programme, students come to a better understanding of what it takes to succeed academically, and students acquire the necessary skills to achieve success.


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Career Guidance and Life Planning Education - "Next Stop: Promotion"


In the 2014 Policy Address, the government announced measures to unleash Hong Kong youth’s potential by strengthening life planning. The Next Stop: Promotion series is carefully designed to enable students to preview their future careers through interactive and stimulating activities.


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Learning English through Debating


EL debate programme is carefully designed to enable students to become confident and articulate speakers. At the end of the programme, students will not only obtain a thorough understanding of debate, but will also utilize and develop a number of skills, including reading, vocabulary usage, discussion and presentation.


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Reading Pilot Programme


Developing reading habits is a crucial component to students’ English foundation. Reading literary works allows students to develop an interest in the English language as well as increases students’ exposure to authentic English texts. 


The programme is not only introduced to primary schools, but also jointly organized with Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (


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