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HKDSE Academic English Programme

- "Next Stop: University"


“Next Stop: University” is a HKDSE English academic programme jointly organized by Living Word Education Centre catered for junior and senior secondary school students.


The overall aim of this programme is to enable students to learn and practice academic “hard” and “soft” skills through meaningful repetition. By joining this programme, students come to a better understanding of what it takes to succeed academically, and students acquire the necessary skills to achieve success.


What is "hard skills"?

"Hard skills" are the knowledge and rules that need to be drilled and memorized, e.g vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammatical rules and text types.


What is "soft skills"?

"Soft skills" are the literary strategies that require students to learn and apply for deeper understanding, such as prediction strategies , questioning techniques, note-taking methods and discussion control strategies.


Programme Aims

• Enhance students’ existing knowledge of English “hard” skills;

• Encourage students to learn and apply soft skills in different texts and contexts;

• Develop students’ deeper understanding of English as a language of communication.


Skills Targeted

“Next Stop: University” is structured in learning cycles. Each cycle consists of four 90-min lessons.



Available Timeslot










Programme Fee

$1,140 for 4 lessons, 1.5hrs per lesson



Living Word Education Centre 

5/F, Supreme Commercial Building, 368 King’s Road, North Point


For more information, please contact us at or 3998-4642.

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