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Rainbow in the Dark

Great Success to Rainbow in the Dark Leadership Talk

EL Director Mr. Chong Chan Yau gave a talk entitled “Rainbow in the Dark” at Good Lab today (11 December 2012). The talk was co-organised by the Good Lab and "Just Touch" Programme of Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) of the Hong Kong Baptist University.

"Each person's self-image is formed in a particular culture. How we see ourselves are influenced by how others see us, especially families and peers. How we see others, in fact, are also subject to the influence of others. Everyone influences each other, constitute a culture. Are we all prisoners of the culture?" said Mr Chong.

"Each of us is subject to the influence of others. We can also choose not subject to the influence of others. I want to share is to change your perspective, not to accept the established image. From the heart, you can dominate your self-image, contend with preconceived notions, so as to achieve the change."

We hope you enjoy the talk and gain insights from Mr. Chong's experience of discovering potentials, exploring new horizons, and seeing new possibilities in life.

​Good Lab
Realizing that Hong Kong lacks a co-working space for change-makers to collaborate in solving the issues of our time, five socially-minded organizations got together to found the Good Lab – namely, Dialogue in the Dark, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Make a Difference, Social Enterprise Summit, and Social Ventures Hong Kong. The Good Lab is a space and home to many social entrepreneurs, innovators and diverse cross-sector changemakers. It enables the networking of different minds, nurturing of cross-sector creativity, and fostering of good ideas for positive changes in the community.

Just Touch
Just Touch is a vision for dynamic and awakening experiences. Mr. Chong Chan-yau, the founder of Just Touch believes that the sense of touch would enable us to get in touch with various issues within our society.

Just Touch is open to all kinds of haptic experiences engaging people to see our society, and the larger communities in different possible perspectives. Currently, Mr. Chong is working with the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University, assisted by Department of Social Work and Centre for Community Cultural Development, for its pilot implementation from June to September 2012. Both major parties aim to explore the haptic art both as the new dimension for visual arts, as well as the gateway to social awareness of various needs of the communities in Hong Kong and the other regions.

Selected haptic artworks from its pilot implementation will be exhibited at Dialogue in the Dark in February 2013. The Just Touch programme will be held in May 2013; it is open for application from February 2013, followed by the timeline and other details.


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