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English Ambassador

A student-initiated activity is a fun way to provide students with an interactive opportunity to learn important communication and language skills while having fun.  This program aims to provide both students and teachers the necessary skills and knowledge to organize a successful English fun activity. 


This program aims to:
(1) provide students with necessary skills and knowledge to organize an English Activity;
(2) assist students in brainstorming and generating different events and game ideas;
(3) enable students to be more familiar with the DSE oral examination setting; and
(4) enable students to produce a school magazine and/or organize fun-day activities.


(1) Ice-breakers and Team Building

(2) Time Management, Resource Management and Integrated Activities
(3) Poster Promotion, Multimedia Promotion and Giving Instructions
(4) Booth Brainstorming, Booth Planning and Booth Demo
(5) Young Reporter Training
(6) Research Skills
(7) Graphic Representation
(8) Write up


Class Duration
90 minutes per lesson



For more information, please contact us at or 3998-4642.


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